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Mission Statement:
Halls that Inspire is a service-based non profit organization seeking to provide assistance & guidance in the incorporation
of our beautification & mentoring program within the school environment.
It utilizes the Arts to enhance, inform, inspire, create self-pride and motivate a sense of responsibility and to provide an understanding and highlight the importance of giving back to our communities through high impact, colorful, reinforced positive messages, graphics and slogans.  All of this is accomplished with the full participation and support of the students, faculty and community. 

We seek to provide our services while operating within a culture of integrity, effeciency and with a great desire to give back to the community through an investment of our time,  talents, resources and life experiences including MENTORING and CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS.  
Through our dedication and service, we seek to establish a scholarship fund to recognize and reward our YOUTH who dedicate themselves, their time and resources to give back to others in their communities less fortunate and to continue to resonate these traits with their actions the true gift of giving back and share their understanding of this wonderful experience with their peers, neighborhood friends, family and community.
This is our decree.  One in which we will operate faithfully without favoritism, discrimination or malice.
 6th Graders Concept from Oakdale Middle School
Ijamsville, Maryland                   2011
    Geneva Ivey Day School    Washington, D.C.