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About Us:
This is a national non-profit inner city public and charter school beautification initiative that was founded by
David Thompson, a 35 year professional award winning sign designer who's work has been done in places such as Atusugi and Yokota, Japan, Cubi Pt., Republic of the Phillipines, Hawaii, Guam and several states within the continental United States.
Mr. Thompson wanted to give his talent back to the community after fully recovering from his battle with cancer in 2008.  The plans to begin this journey started in 2009.  And with his full recovery in 2010, he began his donation of time and talent to facilities along the eastern corridor of the United States.  His portfolio grew quickly and the push was on for something special.
Thus, the birth of HALLS that INSPIRE.
Halls that inspire applies its mission and resources to parks, playgrounds, hospitals, gymnasiums and other facilities that provide a service to our youth and their communities.
In part, it is our mission to reach out to our public and charter school districts and have the opportunity to create and enhance, beautify, teach and mentor with this very special initiative that results in positive influences for these wonderful and gifted students.
Our focal point isn't confined to just creating these colorful, positive reinforced messages into high impact, eye-popping murals, but we also take pride in connecting with these students on all levels.  We do not just present them with positive messages about education, but we engage them to speak about their respective visions, future goals and how to achieve them during the course of these projects.  We present them with challenging situations that demand that they become creative in their approach surrounding their futures.
We highlight our program with the constant message of "GIVING BACK" to their communities.  We also ensure that the students understand the high impact and importance of this personal committment and how it resinates, not only throughout their schools and with their peers, but throughout the entire community as a whole.

We proud to have our very own professional motivational speaker on board Halls that Inspire 
Mr. Denny N. Johnson, Founder and CEO of The Dime Consulting Group located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. He gives the youth a fresh and present day approach to advising and counciling on their day to day experiences and what they see for themselves in the future.
We are very proud of our humble beginnings and of those who have come on board not just to establish employment but to give back to our most important of all resources imaginable...OUR YOUTH.

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